Mirzokhid Imamnazarov awarded the Best Boxer Trophy at the Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships

The Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships had 16 final bouts in their capital city in Bishkek where the competition delivered several surprises. Sanzhai Seidakmatov, Mirzokhid Imamnazarov, Syrgak Abdyzhapar Uulu and Sagyn Satybaldy Uulu won the most exciting final contests in Bishkek.

The 22-year-old Mirzokhid Imamnazarov was named as the Best Boxers at the Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships. Mr. Taalay Kadyraliyev became the Best Coach of the competition and Mr. Mukash Yrsaliyev was awarded the Best Referee & Judge Trophy in Bishkek.  

The Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships supported the team selection for the upcoming 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event. Altogether 8 women and 101 men boxers competed in the National Championships at the Kozhomkul Sports Hall.

Issyk-Kul region’s Adelina Satybaldiyeva was the first female winner in the Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships, she stopped the 19-year-old Perizat Temirova at the women’s bantamweight (54kg) final in Bishkek.

Bishkek’s Shakhriza Khalilova is the most experienced Kyrgyz female boxer who made her successful debut at the lightweight (60kg) against Anelya Toktogonova. Another young hope, the 18-year-old Ayzhamal Adylbekova dominated the women’s middleweight (75kg) in the National Championships.

Issyk-Kul region’s Nurzhigit Dyushebayev was quarter-finalist at the Asian Games and he had the dominance against two youngsters as Dzhenish Ulpatov and the ASBC Youth silver medallist Bekzat Ergeshov in the final stages of the men’s flyweight (51kg).

Bishkek’s Sanzhai Seidakmatov, the quarter-finalist from the 2021 World Boxing Championships, was too strong for his main rivals such as the ASBC Asian U22 medallist Islam Torobayev and Elistan Alimzhanov at the featherweight (57kg).

The light welterweight (63.5kg) was one of the strongest categories in the National Championships, the Asian Games quarter-finalist Askat Kultayev lost his contest already in the last eight in Bishkek. The gold medal was achieved by the ASBC Asian U22 silver medallist Mirzokhid Imamnazarov who had a tight final against the Asian Youth Champion future star, the 18-year-old Almaz Orozbekov.

Syrgak Abdyzhapar Uulu delivered one of the main sensations of the National Championships when he defeated the ASBC Asian Elite bronze medallist Nuradin Rustambek Uulu in the semi-finals by 3:2 split decision and he was able to capture the title of the light middleweight (71kg) in another hectic contest against Eldar Turdubayev.

Kyrgyzstan’s last Olympian boxer, the three-time ASBC medallist Erkin Adylbek Uulu was moved back to the light heavyweight (80kg) but he could not get the title in Bishkek. The 32-year-old veteran had already more than 300 bouts but he suffered a loss from a very talented young hope, Sagyn Satybaldy Uulu in the final.

Two U22 boxers as Aydar Azamat Uulu (92kg) and Bakyt Toktosun Uulu (+92kg) won the heaviest weight categories in Bishkek. Among their experienced boxers, Anvarzhan Khodzhiyev (48kg), Ruslan Bektenov (60kg), Zhakshylyk Talaybekov (67kg), Sultan Asankul Uulu (75kg) and the ASBC Asian bronze medallist Omurbek Bekzhigit Uulu (86kg) won non-Olympic categories in the National Championships.

The list of the winners at the Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships

 Women’s 54kg: Adelina Satybaldiyeva

 Women’s 60kg: Shakhriza Khalilova

 Women’s 75kg: Ayzhamal Adylbekova

 Men’s 48kg: Anvarzhan Khodzhiyev

 Men’s 51kg: Nurzhigit Dyushebayev

 Men’s 54kg: Ruslan Ernest Uulu

 Men’s 57kg: Sanzhai Seidakmatov

 Men’s 60kg: Ryspek Bektenov

 Men’s 63.5kg: Mirzokhid Imamnazarov

 Men’s 67kg: Zhakshylyk Talaybekov

 Men’s 71kg: Syrgak Abdyzhapar Uulu

 Men’s 75kg: Sultan Asankul Uulu

 Men’s 80kg: Sagyn Satybaldy Uulu

 Men’s 86kg: Omurbek Bekzhigit Uulu

 Men’s 92kg: Aydar Azamat Uulu

 Men’s +92kg: Bakyt Toktosun Uulu

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