Mirzaeva sisters and Fayzullayeva shined with top performance in the Navruz Women’s Box Cup which was held in the historical city of Shakhrisabz

The Navruz Women’s Box Cup was held in the city of Shakhrisabz which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage with its ancient buildings. Elite and youth women boxers were able to take part in the competition in Shakhrisabz where Uzbekistan’s Rio 2016 Olympian No.1 Yodgoroy Mirzaeva also won the gold medal.
Altogether 55 women boxers competed in the Navruz Women’s Box Cup in 12 different weight classes. The Uzbekistan Women’s National Championships for their elite, youth and junior boxers was held in a few weeks ago and many of those winners attended also in the Navruz Women’s Box Cup in Shakhrisabz.
The first gold medal of the whole competition went to Sabina Bobokulova of Bukhara who defeated Marzhona Savriyeva in the final of the youth light flyweight (48kg). Korakal is not so famous of its boxing schools in Uzbekistan but their talent Rashida Tagirova was able to beat all of her three rivals in the youth flyweight (51kg) including Surkhondarya’s Zarina Rustamova in the final of the event.
Maftuna Fayzullayeva has been preparing hard for the upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships therefore she dominated her final against Makhliyo Ravshanova in the bantamweight (54kg). Nasiba Khairullayeva will be there also in the upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships and the 16-year-old talent, who joined from the junior age group, was able to beta Sitora Shagdarova in the final of the youth featherweight (57kg).
Kashkadaryo’s Marzhona Elmirzayeva delivered her best ever performance in Shakhrisabz and won her first national gold in the youth age group. Bukhara’s Makhliyo Rakhimova competed in the AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Guwahati and those experiences paid off in Shakhrisabz where she won the youth light welterweight (64kg). The last gold medal in the youth section was taken by Dzhizak’s Youth National Champion Khadijabonu Abdullaeva at the middleweight (75kg).
Tashkent’s Tursunoy Rakhimova won the Ulaanbaatar Box Cup in 2016 which was one of her career highlight in the international level therefore her gold medal at the elite flyweight (51kg) was one of the most expected results in Shakhrisabz. Bukhara’s Farangiz Khoshimova joined to the international events last year and did enough to beat Ulugoy Nasimova in the final of the elite bantamweight (54kg).
Samarkand’s pride Yodgoroy Mirzaeva has qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as first Uzbek woman boxer in the history and her development is continuous. The 21-year-old boxer competed at the lightweight (60kg) in the Navruz Women’s Box Cup and did not give any chance to Maftuna Jamilova in the final of the competition.
Gavkhar Mirzaeva is Yodgoroy’s elder sister who joined to the national team of Uzbekistan in 2016 and claimed her next national title in Shakhrisabz where she was too strong for Makhliyo Khabibullayeva. Youth National Champion and Zolotarev Memorial Tournament winner and AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships competitor Mavluda Mavlonova will be turning to 19 only later this year but she dominated her fights in Shakhrisabz.

List of the winners in the Navruz Women’s Box Cup
Women’s Youth 48kg: Sabina Bobokulova, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 51kg: Rashida Tagirova, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 54kg: Maftuna Fayzullayeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 57kg: Nasiba Khairullayeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 60kg: Marzhona Elmirzayeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 64kg: Makhliyo Rakhimova, Uzbekistan
Women’s Youth 75kg: Khadijabonu Abdullaeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Elite 51kg: Tursunoy Rakhimova, Uzbekistan
Women’s Elite 57kg: Farangiz Khoshimova, Uzbekistan
Women’s Elite 60kg: Yodgoroy Mirzaeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Elite 64kg: Gavkhar Mirzaeva, Uzbekistan
Women’s Elite 75kg: Mavluda Mavlonova, Uzbekistan