Macau Boxing Association hosted its National Referee & Judge Course

Macau Boxing Association hosted an important National Referee & Judge Course in the recent days to increase the knowledge of their official. The Eastern Asian country has been preparing to their Macau Open Boxing Championships with full speed and the National Referee & Judge Course supported the success of the upcoming event.

The National Referee & Judge Course contained theoretical and practical elements as in all of their previous educational program. Macau Boxing Association reviewed the rules and checked the skills of their Referees & Judges during the course. Macau Boxing Association ordered 10-point scoring system this year and taught their national level of referees and judges how to use them.

Macau Boxing Association was impressively active in the recent six months in spite of the difficulties which affected the country’s boxing life due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their management including with their engine, international official Mr. Billy Vong decided to do similar activities as in a normal year to build up their team.

Macau’s National Referee & Judge Course was planning to be held in November but it moved into December to get closer to the Macau Open Boxing Championships. The key elements of their educational program were to teach the scoring system, the grassroots of boxing and the new rules for their referees and judges. The Macau Open Boxing Championships was scheduled in August but due to the bad health situation, the country had to move the international event into a new date. Macau Boxing Association re-scheduled the Macau Open Boxing Championships for the female and male boxers and will be held in the middle of December. Chinese female and male boxers are expected to take part in this invitational tournament which could be one of the first events after the long break.

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