Leong Kin Fong and Alvin John Reyes defended their thrones at the Macau Open Boxing Tournament

Macau Boxing Association’s main competition the Open Boxing Tournament was held finally in the country after the event has been re-scheduled twice. Macau’s two best boxers as Alvin John Reyes and Leong Kin Fong both defended their thrones in the Macau Open Boxing Tournament and proved strong developments.

Macau hosted the event in the recent years with great success and their social media communication impressed many stakeholders in the Asian continent. Mr. Billy Vong is Macau’s well-known official who arranged all of the necessary things of the Open Boxing Tournament and he was selected also as member of the new ASBC Commission. 

Macau Boxing Association hosted an important National Referee & Judge Course in the recent days to increase the knowledge of their official. The Eastern Asian country has been preparing to their Macau Open Boxing Championships with full speed and the National Referee & Judge Course supported the success of the upcoming event.

The National Referee & Judge Course contained theoretical and practical elements as in all of their previous educational program. Macau Boxing Association reviewed the rules and checked the skills of their Referees & Judges during the course. Macau Boxing Association ordered 10-point scoring system this year and taught their national level of referees and judges how to use them.

The Macau Open Boxing Championships was scheduled in August but due to the bad health situation, the country had to move the international event into a new date. Macau Boxing Association re-scheduled the Macau Open Boxing Championships for the female and male boxers and will be held in December. Chinese boxers competed in this invitational tournament which was be one of the first Asian events after the long break.

Macau had a few strong results in the female part of boxing in the 2000s but the country needed a few years to find new women talents. A new hope, Chang Yu Hsing became the first winner in the Macau Open Boxing Tournament who defeated Zhang Li Fem in the final of the women’s lightweight (60kg) by unanimous decision.

Alvin John Reyes is Macau’s best young talent who won the Macau Open Boxing Tournament one year ago and the Macau Shadowboxing & Fitness Challenge this August. Macau’s new national team member impressed with his strength in the competition and defended his throne after beating Huang Jim Ming in the final of the lightweight (60kg).

Among the titleholders of the Macau Open Boxing Tournament the best local hope Leung Kin Fong was able to manage to defend his throne in the event. The Indonesian President’s Cup silver medallist boxer in Macau’s most experienced international boxer who dominated his light welterweight (64kg) final.

Asmir Gurung landed lethal punches in the final of the welterweight (69kg) against Li Yu Man and following those powerful shots, the ringside doctor stopped their contest. K.C. Madhav returned to the competitions and he bagged a gold medal after 2017 beating Mahesh Rijal in the final of the middleweight (75kg). Niran Shrestha was too strong for Samir Khadka in the final at the heavyweight (91kg) in the Macau Open Boxing Tournament which was finished by RSCI in the second round.

List of the winners in the Macau Open Boxing Tournament
Women’s 60kg: Chang Yu Hsing, Macau China
Men’s 60kg: Chan Hou In, Macau China
Men’s 60kg: Alvin John Reyes, Macau China
Men’s 64kg: Leong Kin Fong, Macau China
Men’s 64kg: Zhou Ming, China
Men’s 69kg: Li Xiao, China
Men’s 69kg: Asmir Gurung, Macau China
Men’s 75kg: K.C. Madhav, Macau China
Men’s 91kg: Niran Shrestha, Macau China

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