Lal Prasad Upreti and Chandra Bahadur Thapa won the top male finals at the Nepal Prakash Dahal Memorial Tournament

The thirteen male finals took place at the Prakash Dahal Memorial Championships in Kathmandu, Nepal which was the highlight of the previous days.

The Tribhuvan Army Club claimed eight gold medals in the competition and became the number one in the team rankings. The Armed Police Force and the Nepal Police Club both achieved two titles in the competition but the H2O Athletics also took one gold medal in Kathmandu.

Nineteen male teams earned at the least one medal in the event which was their next national event in their busy boxing calendar. Altogether 75 women and 150 men boxers competed in the new edition of the Prakash Dahal Memorial Championships.

Laxman Rai shocked Nepal’s World Championships’ competitor Rabin Thapa in the semi-finals of the men’s minimumweight (48kg) in Kathmandu but he was not able to finish the job in the day of the finals. Rai was defeated by another promising boxer, Lal Prasad Upreti who earned the lone gold medal for the H2O Athletics.

Nepal Police Club’s Chandra Bahadur Thapa represented the country with preliminary victories at the World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events but he had to do his very best against Bimal Gharti Magar in the flyweight (51kg) final to succeed.

Tribhuvan Army Club’s Prem Chaudhary, who competed for Nepal already at the 2014 Asian Games, eliminated Pradip Maharjan in the semi-finals of the bantamweight (54kg) and he continued his winning path against Madan Krishna Dangol.

Bikram Pariyar, another veteran from the 2014 Asian Games, defeated Puran Sunuwar at the featherweight (57kg) final and he succeeded in his returning event. Bhupendra Thapa, the competitor from the recent Asian Games, controlled his final over Suroj Maharjan at the light welterweight (63.5kg).

Lalu Ale Magar (67kg) and Dan Bahadur Darlami (71kg) were the next male winners in the national competition. Dipak Shrestha, another veteran from Nepal’s boxing life, also succeeded in his new category, at the light heavyweight (80kg). Rabin Nepal, the Asian Games competitor, was too strong for all of his opponents at the heavyweight (92kg) in Kathmandu.

The list of the men winners at the Nepal Prakash Dahal Memorial Championships

 Men’s 48kg: Lal Prasad Upreti

 Men’s 51kg: Chandra Bahadur Thapa

 Men’s 54kg: Prem Chaudhary

 Men’s 57kg: Bikram Pariyar

 Men’s 60kg: Khagendra Roka Magar

 Men’s 63.5kg: Bhupendra Thapa

 Men’s 67kg: Lalu Ale Magar

 Men’s 71kg: Dan Bahadur Darlami

 Men’s 75kg: Gesh Kumar Shrestha

 Men’s 80kg: Dipak Shrestha

 Men’s 86kg: Madan Karki

 Men’s 92kg: Rabin Nepal

 Men’s +92kg: Ganesh Pradhan

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