Kyrgyzstan Women’s National Championships

Kyrgyz Women's Nationals 01 - Umutay Aytiyeva

Mambetova and Aytiyeva dominated their finals in the Kyrgyzstan Women’s National Championships
Parallel to the men’s event the Kyrgyzstan Women’s National Boxing Championships was also held in Bishkek where their best female hopes fought for the gold medals. Kyrgyzstan’s two top women boxer Albina Mambetova and Umutay Aytiyeva both defended their thrones in Bishkek.
Kyrgyzstan’s most experienced woman boxer Albina Mambetova is only 20 but she has been fighting in the international level since 2011. She won the gold medal in the 2014 edition and had to fight for the title with her old rival Bakhtygul Abdusalamova of Dzhalal-Abad in the final of the Olympic Flyweight class (51 kg). Chui’s Albina Mambetova was energetic in the final and did not give any chance to her 21-year-old rival in the gold medal bout of the Kyrgyz Women’s National Championships.
Talented teenager Burulkan Kalybay Kyzy of Osh is a new face in the national level but she proved her fighting spirit in the final of the Featherweight class (57 kg) against southpaw Gulzad Mukanbetova of Issyk-Kul and bagged her first title. Kalybay Kyzy was a smaller boxer but she could reduce the fighting and distance and following her lethal punches the referee stopped their unequal contest before the final bell.
Kyrgyzstan’s promising athlete Umutay Aytiyeva of Bishkek has got great combat sport career who decided to chose only boxing in 2013 and since then she controlled her national events. She was titleholder of the Lightweight class (60 kg) following her great performance last year and dominated her gold medal bout against Alina Masandyk Kyzy of Osh once again. Aytiyeva has not got international experiences yet but she is planning to raise her level before the qualification events.
Meerim Mamasaly Kyzy of Osh moved down to the Light Welterweight class (64 kg) but proved she is enough strong to get a title in her new category. The experienced boxer met for the gold medal with 18-year-old Farida Pupova of Bishkek and defended her throne in the capital city of the country.
Kyrgyzstan did not compete in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Wulanchabu, China this August but their coaches are planning to send their top female boxers to the AIBA Asian & Oceania Olympic Qualifiers to Qianan, China.

Winners in the Kyrgyzstan Women’s National Championships
51 kg: Albina Mambetova
57 kg: Burulkan Kalybay Kyzy
60 kg: Umutay Aytiyeva
64 kg: Meerim Mamasaly Kyzy