Khiuaz Dospanova, Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova International Women Tournament


Seven golds remained in Kazakhstan in the strong women competition in Atyrau
The Khiuaz Dospanova, Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova International Women Tournament was the main competition for the female athletes in November. Aliya Moldagulova was one of the best sniper of the World War II and she is the hero of the Soviet Union and also Kazakhstan. The international event was held off the coast of the Caspian Sea in Atyrau which city is very active hosting boxing competitions.
The host nation of the event claimed seven gold medals on home soil in spite of the fact Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland and Morocco also sent strong boxers to the tournament. Boxers who were born in 1997 also could take part in the event and among them one athlete, Nazym Ishchanova not only attended but won the gold.
Kazakhstan’s former national team member Aigerim Askarova had to meet for the gold medal with her teammate Aigerim Kasenayeva who defeated Kazakhstan’s current National Champion and Astana Women’s Cup winner Alina Turlubayeva in the semi-final which was a big surprise. Askarova triumphed over her younger rival and claimed the first gold medal of the Light Flyweight class (48 kg).
Incheon 2014 Asian Games silver medallist Zhaina Shekerbekova defeated Poland’s Baku 2015 European Games silver medallist Sandra Drabik in the semi-final of the Olympic Flyweight class (51 kg) and following that she had to meet with Russia’s Sayana Sagatayeva who eliminated AIBA Women’s World Champion Nazym Kyzaybay. Shekerbekova had enough experiences to beat her EUBC European Women’s Championships silver medallist rival in the gold medal bout.
AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist 23-year-old Dina Zholaman defeated Morocco’s strong Laila Marzaq in the semi-final and continued her winning path against Azerbaijan’s Anna Alimardanova in the final of the Bantamweight class (54 kg). She is on the best way to regain her place in Kazakhstan’s top woman squad.
Russia’s current AIBA Women’s World Champion Zinaida Dobrynina moved back to her original Featherweight class (57 kg) to show her skills in Atyrau. She had to meet in the final with Kazakhstan’s National Champion Saniya Sultankyzy and solve that tactical issue which was Russia’s first gold medal in the event.
Russia’s defending AIBA Women’s World Champion Anastasia Beliakova eliminated Morocco’s Hasnaa Lachgar in the semi-final but she could not fight against Kazakhstan’s Nazym Ishchanova in the gold medal bout. The 18-year-old Kazakh boxer defeated Azerbaijan’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Yana Alekseevna in the semi-final and walked over to the gold as well.
Kazakhstan’s 22-year-old Zarina Tsoloyeva is trying to regain her place in the national team where Madina Nurshayeva is her main rival. She eliminated Azerbaijan’s Mariam Jabrayilova in the semi-final but she was not enough tough to beat Russia’s Daria Abramova who defeated Madina Nurshayeva in the previous round.
Kazakhstan’s another young hope Valentina Khalzova defeated Tajikistan’s ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships bronze medallist Shoira Zulkaynarova in the quarter-finals and continued her winning series against her teammates 17-year-old Bayan Akbayeva and Zura Khusainova in the final of the Welterweight class (69 kg).
Defending ASBC Asian Women’s Champion Dariga Shakimova eliminated Tajikistan’s Nodira Karimova and Poland’s Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games winner Elzbieta Wojcik in the road to the final of the Middleweight class (75 kg). The experienced boxer had a big battle against Russia’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Saadat Abdullayeva but finally her hand was raised.
AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Yulduz Mamatkulova defeated Moldir Bazarbayeva in the Astana Women’s Cup last month while on their re-match the result of their contest was the opposite which was a small surprise. The last gold medal of the tournament was achieved by Russia’s AIBA Women’s World Champion Zenfira Magomedaliyeva who stopped Kazakhstan’s Astana Women’s Cup winner Umida Sadykova before the final bell.

Winners in the Atyrau Women’s Tournament
48 kg: Aigerim Askarova, Kazakhstan
51 kg: Zhaina Shekerbekova, Kazakhstan
54 kg: Dina Zholaman, Kazakhstan
57 kg: Zinaida Dobrynina, Russia
60 kg: Nazym Ishchanova, Kazakhstan
64 kg: Daria Abramova, Russia
69 kg: Valentina Khalzova, Kazakhstan
75 kg: Dariga Shakimova, Kazakhstan
81 kg: Moldir Bazarbayeva, Kazakhstan
+81 kg: Zenfira Magomedaliyeva, Russia