Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are the leaders of the World Ranking

Kazakhstan is the No.1 team in the updated and official IBA World Ranking based on the overall scores of all women and men elite boxers in the system.

Following the Women’s World Boxing Championships and the Men’s World Boxing Championships, the IBA updated the World Rankings to be transparent in all details. Altogether 150 countries are ranked from all of the five Confederations in the World Ranking.

Kazakhstan bagged four gold medals at the Men’s World Boxing Championships and the country has now an overall 81,000 points. Uzbekistan reached the second position in the ranking of the countries with 60,800 following their five gold medals in Tashkent.

Russia is No.3 in the ranking with 58,050 points following their return to the championships. India is No.4 in the World Ranking 55,500 and one of the top male powers, Cuba is No.5 with 45,300 points.

Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Mexico and the United States of America are still in the Top 10 in the IBA World Ranking. Spain impressed in the previous championships and moved up to the 11th position of the ranking.

After Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and India, Thailand is the fourth best Asian boxing country in the updated ranking with the scores of 32,450 on the 12th position. Among the Asian nations, Japan is the 15th, Chinese Taipei is 18th, Mongolia is 20th, Jordan is 27th following their medals in the previous championships.

China is 28th in the ranking but the country was not able to send boxers to several competitions in 2021 and in 2022. Kyrgyzstan, South Korea and Tajikistan are still in the Top40 among the Asian National Federations. Philippines is 41st and Iran is 50th in the overall rankings. The next big event will be held in Kazakhstan’s capital, the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships for the younger age groups. Kazakhstan will be the host also of the 2024 Women’s World Boxing Championships in Astana.

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