Issyk-Kul Junior Games

Kyrgyzstan dominated the Issyk-Kul Junior Games
The Issyk-Kul Junior Games was a highlight among the boxing events in Kyrgyzstan in the recent months which event was held for the 15 and 16-year-old boxers in the city of Cholpon-Ata which is located off the coast the biggest lake of the Central Asian country.
Kyrgyzstan claimed two bronze medals in the AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia last week where talented Temirlan Nurlan Uulu (48 kg) and promising hope Aknazar Zhyldyzbek Uulu (57 kg) were their podium boxers in the main event of the age group this year. Their athletes won also six medals in the ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan which shows the development of their background in our beloved combat sport.
Altogether 71 young boxers took part in the boxing tournament of the Issyk-Kul Junior Games in Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan where the host nation won almost all of the weight classes excluding the biggest category on home soil. The competition was held in eleven weight classes in Cholpon-Ata where the lowest weight class was under the Pinweight, the competition of the 44 kg boxers.
Kyrgyz Junior National Championships silver medallist Aziret Bolotbek Uulu came from a boxing family as his elder brother Erkinbek is member of their national elite squad. The 16-year-old hope defeated the current ASBC Asian Junior Continental Champion Aibek Dossanov of Kazakhstan in May therefore his triumph in the lowest weight class was not a surprise in Cholpon-Ata where he proved the best performance of the event.
Technician Erlan Abdyzhapar Uulu was bronze medallist in the Kyrgyz Junior National Championships at the 42 kg weight class on February but since then he put up six kgs of muscles to his body and the Osh-based boxer dominated the Light Flyweight class (48 kg) in Cholpon-Ata where he was too strong for former Issyk-Kul Junior Games bronze medallist Nur Akmataliyev of Kyrgyzstan.
Kyrgyz Junior National Championships silver medallist Aibek Sultanbayev also claimed gold medal in Cholpon-Ata at the Light Bantamweight class (52 kg) where he was able to beat Kazakhstan’s Aibek Duisenkul who trains in the city of Taraz. Bekzad Shairbek Uulu and Dmitriy Puchnin also claimed medals in the last edition of the Kyrgyz Junior National Championships on February and this time they were crowned in the event.
Kazakhstan’s lone gold medal in the event was delivered by Taraz-based Dias Nayetuly who defeated three tough rivals including Temirlan Sultanaliyev of Kyrgyzstan in the gold medal bout of the over 70 kg weight class. The Taraz-based boxer is only 15-year-old and will be fighting also in the junior level next year.
Winners in the Issyk-Kul Junior Games
44 kg: Aziret Bolotbek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
46 kg: Kylymbek Aubakirov, Kyrgyzstan
48 kg: Erlan Abdyzhapar Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
50 kg: Sanjar Seidakmatov, Kyrgyzstan
52 kg: Aibek Sultanbayev, Kyrgyzstan
54 kg: Temirlan Kadyrov, Kyrgyzstan
57 kg: Bekzad Shairbek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
60 kg: Dmitriy Puchnin, Kyrgyzstan
63 kg: Erlan Kydyrov, Kyrgyzstan
70 kg: Kalys Saiyrbek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
+70 kg: Dias Nayetuly, Kazakhstan