Interview with Mr. Bashar Mustafa Othman

Mustafa Othman
Mr. Bashar Mustafa Othman – We are fighting for the developments in Iraq
Mr. Bashar Mustafa Othman is the Executive Committee member of the Asian Boxing Confederation and Vice-President of the Iraqi National Olympic Committee who is also in the venue of the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok. We asked him about the current situation of Iraq’s boxing life and developments.
“Iraq was a strong boxing nation in Asia before the wars but we had to build up our sport life from the zero level. Actually we have got 45 clubs in all part of the country and more than 1000 boxers from the schoolboys up to the elite level. Our current elite team is not as strong as possible it could be but our youth and juniors are fine, they can prepare all day in better training sessions. We have got one medal here in Bangkok which is good enough in the current situation in Iraq.
We do not have boxing hall which need to be build up in the upcoming years and due the civil war and other conflicts our background is not perfect yet. Asia is so strong in boxing and all of the countries developed well in the recent years therefore we must be also raise our level and build up a new generation. We are preparing to the AIBA Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualifiers which will be held in the city of Qianan and planning to send our best boxers to China,” said Mr. Bashar Mustafa Othman who is trying to focus to the sport in Iraq instead of the crisis.