Interview – Mr. Issa Al Nassar

Mr. Issa Al Nassar focusing to boxing in Syria

Mr. Issa Al Nassar is the new President of the Syrian Boxing Federation who was elected also as Executive Committee member of the Asian Boxing Confederation in April and shared with us his thoughts about boxing in the Western Asian region.
“This is a great championship in Bangkok as Asia is strong in boxing and we are hoping all of our 66 boxers will have the chance to get great results in the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. As I am referee I am following the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships a bit different way and I was surprised about the lot of warnings. Our life is not so easy in Syria during the Civil War but we are trying to focusing to our job and develop boxing in my country. We hosted the Syrian National Boxing Championships on March with one-hundred boxers while our Junior National championships will be starting on September 10. The upcoming AIBA World Boxing Championships will be very near to us where the culture and the language is the same,” said Mr. Issa Al Nassar who has got also a lot of experiences as R&J in our combat sport.