Hussein Iashaish did a big upset on Day 8 and he is Jordan’s first boxer who can box for an Olympic medal

Hussein Iashaish2

Jordan’s ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist and AIBA World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Hussein Iashaish was the flag bearer of their team in the Opening Ceremony. The 21-year-old boxer tried to be quick against Romania’s APB World Champion Mihai Nistor but he had weight disadvantage in this important first preliminary contest.
Jordan’s new pride, who was quarter-finalist in the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships, moved ahead with quick attacks in the first two rounds. The Romanian boxer was great only in the final round, the referee counted Iashaish in that period but Jordan’s young hero advanced to the quarter-finals causing a great upset in the competition.
We asked him about his thoughts and feelings after his first successful contest in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games which was a great upset on Day 8.
“I am really happy and proud of my fact I am here in the Olympic Games. This is the first time when I can participate in the Games. My qualification was not an easy one, I had to box in four contests to get my ticket to Rio. I had to meet with the APB World Champion Mihai Nistor of Romania who is using strong punches. I used my speed against him and my quick movements delivered for me a success and went through to the quarter-finals. This is the very first time when a boxer from Jordan can box for an Olympic medal.
I have to meet with France’s World Champion Tony Yoka in the quarter-final but I hope I can get Jordan’s first ever Olympic medal. The atmosphere in Rio de Janeiro is wonderful and I live great moments here in the Games. I hope our coach Mr. Azzedine Aggoune will continue his job in Jordan after the Olympic Games and we can continue our job together. My respect to all Jordan people and his majesty Kind Abdellah II ,”
said Jordan’s Hussein Iashaish after his contest.