Fourteen super talented winners at the Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament

The new edition of the Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament was held in the city of Kostanay, Kazakhstan and 14 champions earned their titles.

The junior competition was named after Mr. Aleksandr “Alex” Miroshnichenko who claimed bronze medal at the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games and silver at the Moscow 1989 World Boxing Championships. The super heavyweight boxer who represented the Soviet Union during his career, died in Kostanay in 2003.

All of the regions of Kazakhstan participated in the competition and joining them, the neighbouring Kyrgyzstan was also there in Kostanay. Mrs. Svetlana Mahleyt was the main organizer and the engine of the Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament.

Boxers who were born in 2007 and in 2008 were eligible to participate in the Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament. The new edition of the junior competition was held in 14 weight classes from the sub-pinweight (44kg) up to the heavyweight (+80kg) in Kostanay.

The 15-year-old Nuraly Kurmangaziyev won the smallest weight category in Kostanay following his success over a local boxer, Yerasyl Malikov. Kostanay region’s Aydos Usenov was born only in 2008 and he is a newcomer among the juniors, but he had the experience to beat all of his three rivals at the pinweight (46kg).

Aldiyar Bakhadur, another 14-year-old talent, won one of the tightest contests of the entire tournament, he defeated the main favourite, Ramazan Orynbasar in the final of the light flyweight (48kg). Yeradil Uzakbay eliminated such strong rivals as Bekzat Syrymbetov and Yerniyaz Yesmagambet at the flyweight (50kg).

Nurasyl Tulebek (52kg), Baurzhan Muratov (54kg) and Islam Takhirov (57kg) won the most crowded weight classes in Kostanay. Tagir Satayev, the winner of the annual Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup in Azerbaijan, dominated the light welterweight (63kg) including his final against another 16-year-old talent, Askar Kuanysh.

Igor Solovyev earned a silver medal at the Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup and he moved up to the light middleweight (70kg) successfully, taking the title in Kostanay. Following his bronze medal at the Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup, Bakytzhan Aitmukhanov switched to the light heavyweight (80kg) and stopped all of his opponents in Kostanay. Beksultan Kairatuly, the silver medallist from Azerbaijan, subdued his rivals at the heavyweight (+80kg).

The list of the winners at the Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament
44kg: Nuraly Kurmangaziyev, Kazakhstan, 2007
46kg: Aydos Usenov, Kazakhstan, 2008
48kg: Aldiyar Bakhadur, Kazakhstan, 2008
50kg: Yeradil Uzakbay, Kazakhstan, 2007
52kg: Nurasyl Tulebek, Kazakhstan, 2007
54kg: Baurzhan Muratov, Kazakhstan, 2007
57kg: Islam Takhirov, Kazakhstan, 2007
60kg: Anuarbek Marat, Kazakhstan, 2007
63kg: Tagir Satayev, Kazakhstan, 2007
66kg: Kirill Shkuta, Kazakhstan, 2007
70kg: Igor Solovyev, Kazakhstan, 2007
75kg: Nurdaulet Orazbay, Kazakhstan, 2007
80kg: Bakytzhan Aitmukhanov, Kazakhstan, 2007
+80kg: Beksultan Kairatuly, Kazakhstan, 2007

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