Four Asian gold medals in the super strong Cologne Boxing World Cup in Germany

The finals were held in the fourth competition day of the Cologne Boxing World Cup in Germany. India’s experienced Maisnam Meena Kumari Devi, Thailand’s Wuttichai Yurachai and China’s female duo Yang Chengyu and Yang Liu won Asia’s four titles in the Cologne Boxing World Cup.
Cologne Boxing World Cup is one of the most difficult international competitions in the European continent which has started in Germany today. China, India, Mongolia and Thailand sent teams from the Asian National Federations to the Cologne Boxing World Cup in spite of the fact the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships will be opening next week.
Cuba, Russia, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Wales, Armenia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Australia, and many other top nations attended in the Cologne Boxing World Cup in the recent days.

Thailand’s Wuttichai Yurachai claimed Asia’s first gold medal in the Cologne Boxing World Cup
Thailand’s Wuttichai Yurachai proved strong developments in the recent one and half year since he joined to the national team. He attended in the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games and won the gold medal at the strong Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament in Kazakhstan last December. He eliminated another Asian talent Zhang Jiamao and Germany’s Salah Ibrahim during his road to the finals in Cologne. His last opponent was Armenia’s Rio 2016 Olympian Artur Hovhannisyan who eliminated a Cuban boxer in the semi-finals. Yurachai was in different level than the Cuban and Hovhannisyan was not able to use his game plan well enough in their finals. Thailand’s new sensation controlled the second part of their final and claimed his next gold medal in a strong international event.

The Asian battle at the women’s bantamweight (54kg) was won by India’s Maisnam Meena Kumari Devi
Maisnam Meena Kumari Devi claimed silver medal in their National Selection Trials but she won the strong Strandja Memorial Tournament in Bulgaria this year. The experienced Indian, who is member of the national team since 2012, had to face with Thailand’s young Bunyanut Machai who eliminated Mongolia’s Erdenedalai Michidmaa in the semi-finals. The two Asian women’s bantamweight (54kg) boxers have done strong job in the final of the Cologne Boxing World Cup. The Indian used up all of her experiences to keep her best rhythm which meant she won her next international tournament title.

Thailand’s Asian Games winner Wuttichai Masuk claimed silver medal but he returned to the bests of the world
Thailand’s Wuttichai Masuk is one of their highest ranked boxers who joined to the national team still in 2008 when he attended in the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. He is Incheon 2014 Asian Games winner, ASBC Asian Champion and earned bronze medal at the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. Masuk returned in the Cologne Boxing World Cup with his best performance and his current skills are the same strong as in his best years. He eliminated Germany’s Murat Yildirim, Denmark’s Frederik Lundgaard Jensen and Netherlands’ Rio 2016 Olympian Enrico La Cruz during his road to the final of the light welterweight (63kg). Masuk was impressive also in the final against France’s AIBA World Champion Sofiane Oumiha and in spite of his loss he proved his world class skills.

India’s two-time AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Sakshi Choudhary opened her international elite campaign with a silver medal
India’s Sakshi Choudhary claimed silver medal in their National Selection Trials on March which was her first ever elite competition. Sakshi won the Taipei 2015 AIBA Women’s Junior World Boxing Championships, the Guwahati 2017 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships and the Budapest 2018 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships. The super talented teenager eliminated Denmark’s Cecilie Koelle and Thailand’s Preedakamon Tintabthai during her road to the final of the featherweight (57kg). Sakshi did not find her final opponent Ireland’s two-time Commonwealth Games silver medallist Michaela Walsh’s weak points and earned silver medal in Cologne but proved her strong future potential.

China’s Yang Chengyu won the Asian battle at the women’s light welterweight (64kg)
China’s Yang Chengyu attended only a few international events during her career but the National Championships silver medallist boxer proved her very best in the Cologne Boxing World Cup. The Chinese boxer surprised India’s Pwilao Basumatary who has been competing in the international events since 2011. The Indian light welterweight (64kg) boxer started their contest slightly better but Yang also increased her tempo in time. The Chinese hope used strong tactic from the second round and she defeated the favourite of the category.

Yang Liu won China’s second title in the Cologne Boxing World Cup
China’s top female team will be attending in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Bangkok next week but their second squad is enough strong also to win key contests. Their National Champion at the welterweight (69kg) Yang Liu eliminated Ireland’s Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympian Christina Desmond and Denmark’s veteran Yvonne Baek Rasmussen during her road to the final. Yang Liu, who moved down from the middleweight (75kg), was untouchable for Germany’s two-time AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Nadine Apetz and celebrated China’s second gold medal in Cologne.

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