Four Asian gold medals in Sweden where Chinese Taipei’s Chen Nien Chin became the Golden Girl

The 10th anniversary edition of the Golden Girl Box Cup continued with its third and final competition day in Boras, Sweden where altogether 254 boxers from 23 nations are competing for the medals. Chinese Taipei and Thailand sent boxers to the 10th edition of the Golden Girl Box Cup at the very first time in the history of the competition and among their talents four of them won the gold medals in Boras including Chinese Taipei’s AIBA World Champion Chen Nien Chin.
Thailand’s 17-year-old Nillada Meekoon claimed silver medal in the Budapest 2018 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships and also in the Bangkok 2018 ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships. Thailand’s top talent is still in the youth age group in 2019 and proved her top skills in the quarter-final of the light flyweight (48kg) when she eliminated France’s Rim Bennama.
Thailand’s pride continued her winning path in the semi-final against Spain’s Maria Angeles Gonzales in Boras. Her triumph meant that the dream final against Ireland’s EUBC European Women’s Youth Champion Daina Moorehouse has realized in the Golden Girl Box Cup. The Thai girl found her best rhythm in the second part of the first round and Moorehouse was not able to answer her attacks. Meekoon’s left handed hooks worked well in the second round and defeated once again her Irish rival on their re-match.
Thailand’s Youth Olympic Games winner Panpatchara Somnuek eliminated Denmark’s Sascha Bogeskov in the semi-final with top performance. The 17-year-old Thai talent had to meet in the final with Ireland’s EUBC European Junior Champion Lauren Dempsey which was a top final on Day3. Asia’s youth No.1 at the featherweight (57kg) Somnuek controlled the first two rounds against her attacking European rival and her style was effective. Dempsey raised her level in the third but Thailand’s hope was able to keep her advantage.
Thailand’s third gold medal was achieved by ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Youth Boxing Championships silver medallist Baison Manikon who had a hard final at the welterweight (69kg) against England’s Ellouise Challenger. The Thai boxer used her longer reach to keep the safest distance against her smaller European rival in the first round. Manikon was a bit tired in the third round but her stamina was enough to beat her English rival in the last youth final of the Golden Girl Box Cup.
Chinese Taipei’s best youth boxer Huang Yu Ting competed at the very first time out of her country. She eliminated the defending champion France’s Lorye Ruyer in the quarter-final of the lightweight (60kg) and the 17-year-old Huang continued her tough performance against another top European opponent Sweden’s Thelma Sagerfeldt-Eskilsson who won the Silesian Women’s Open Junior Tournament last September. Huang was not able to repeat her previous performance and Finland’s AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Vilma Viitanen won the title in Boras.
Chinese Taipei’s defending AIBA Women’s World Champion at the welterweight (69kg) Chen Nien Chin was too strong for Sweden’s Marianna Ahlborg in their semi-final on Day2. The 21-year-old Chen, who was Olympian in Rio de Janeiro, landed strong uppercuts and hooks in the final of the event against Norway’s Madeleine Angelsen. Chen was confident once again, moved ahead more from the opening seconds of the second round and tried to destroy Angelsen’s defence. Chen dominated all of the rounds in their final and celebrated the gold medal in Boras and she became the Golden Girl in the 10th edition.

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