Erdenebat Tsendbaatar and Chinzorig Baatarsukh are Mongolia’s medal favourites in the AIBA World Boxing Championships

Mongolia is in strongly developing stage in Asian boxing and their experienced team could be a surprise also in the AIBA World Boxing Championships which will be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on September 8-22. The first competition day is scheduled to be held on September 9 and the seven Mongolian is aiming for top results in the Russian city.
Mongolia achieved one gold in the Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships this April and also they had two finalists in the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games. The Mongolians claimed medals in almost all of the recent editions of the AIBA World Boxing Championships in spite of the fact they have low number of boxers in the country in comparison to the top nations.
The Mongolian head coach selected finally seven boxers from the flyweight (52kg) up to the heavyweight (91kg) and gave chance to their veterans before the Olympic Qualification Events. Most of the Mongolians started their international career 8-10 years ago and their high number of contests could be guaranteed the top results in Yekaterinburg.
Mongolia’s best small boxer in the recent years was ASBC Asian Boxing Championships silver medallist Gan-Erdene Gankhuyag but the Rio 2016 Olympian was replaced by a younger hope Enkhmandakh Kharkhuu who is in strong developing stage in our sport. The 23-year-old flyweight (52kg) boxer is more powerful than the average level in his category and many of his contests ended by RSC and KO this year.
Mongolia’s another 23-year-old boxer Erdenebat Tsendbaatar is their highest hope in the AIBA World Boxing Championships who is a medal favourite at the featherweight (57kg). Tsendbaatar is member of the national team since 2013 and reached the top in the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games and in the Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships as well. Following his two gold medals he had to move down from the 60kg due the launch of the new weight classes.
Rio 2016 Olympian Chinzorig Baatarsukh claimed silver medal in the Tashkent 2017 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and also in the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games which made him to the best of the Asians at the lightweight (63kg). The 28-year-old boxer is in top form this year as well and besides to Tsendbaatar he has strong potential in the AIBA World Boxing Championships.
Mongolia will have four veterans in their lune-ups from the welterweight (69kg) up to the heavyweight (91kg) in Yekaterinburg. Rio 2016 Olympian Tuvshinbat Byamba (69kg) returned this year to get a chance for Tokyo, while Davaanyam Davaasuren (75kg), Narmandakh Shinebayar (81kg) and Sandagsuren Erdenebayar (91kg) are also involved to the Mongolian team.

The Mongolian team in the AIBA World Boxing Championships
52kg: Enkhmandakh Kharkhuu
57kg: Erdenebat Tsendbaatar
63kg: Chinzorig Baatarsukh
69kg: Tuvshinbat Byamba
75kg: Davaanyam Davaasuren
81kg: Narmandakh Shinebayar
91kg: Sandagsuren Erdenebayar

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