Chan Man Man and Alvin John Reyes were the stars of the Macau Open Boxing Championships

The Macau Open Boxing Championships took place in the busy city of Macau and it was the first competition in the country this year. Macau’s most experienced boxers such as Chan Man Man and Alvin John Reyes both earned their titles in the Open.

The competition holds every year and it is the region’s top event where several age groups, the schoolboys, juniors, youth and elite boxers all competed. Macau was under lock down and there were several restrictions during the Covid-19 period for nearly three years bur their boxers were active in the hardest period.

Mr. Billy Vong is the engine in Macau’s boxing who arranged all of the important organizational parts in the event. The International Technical Official was the organizer of all boxing events, summer training programs, shadowboxing competitions in the previous years.

Lei Siu Ngai was the first winner of the annual Macau Open at the schoolboys 35kg weight class, he defeated Chan Kwong Yuen in the final. Tang Sin Ying won the lone women’s junior weight class while Joseph Thomas Logan earned the title of the junior boys’ light middleweight (70kg) in Macau.

One of the 17-year-old talents in Macau, Choi Yat Fan defeated Ip Cheuk Hong in the final of the youth male lightweight (60kg) unanimously. The next youth weight class, the middleweight (75kg) was won by Mark Frost, he had a clear success against Lau Wing Ming.

Chan Man Man is the best female boxer in Macau who has international experience as well from the President’s Cup and she competed also in the Chinese National Games. Chan, who bagged her first Macau Open title in 2018, defeated Cheung Lai in the final of the women’s featherweight (57kg), defending her throne.

Alvin John Reyes is one of the top boxers of the country who won competitions already in 2019 as a young talent. He remained at the lightweight (60kg) following his youth ages and as expected, he won the title of the 2023 Macau Open Boxing Championships after beating Chan Chun Wai in the final.

The list of the winners at the 2023 Macau Open Boxing Championships

 Schoolboys 35kg: Lei Siu Ngai

 Women’s Junior 60kg: Tang Sin Ying

 Men’s Junior 70kg: Joseph Thomas Logan

 Men’s Youth 60kg: Choi Yat Fan

 Men’s Youth 75kg: Mark Frost

 Women’s Elite 57kg: Chan Man Man

 Men’s Elite 60kg: Alvin John Reyes

 Men’s Elite 63.5kg, Group A: Lee Ka Chun

 Men’s Elite 63.5kg, Group B: Mateus Rafael Mohr

 Men’s Elite 67kg, Group A: Chan Wing Tak

 Men’s Elite 67kg, Group B: Long Ho Yat

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