Best Asian National Federation Pages – Overview of the three votings

Asian Boxing Confederation launched online votings about the best websites of the Asian National Federations last month and following the process the winner was the Macau Boxing Association. Following the first voting the second was won by Boxing Federation of India and their Facebook page became the best among the Asian National Federations. The third online voting concerning the National Federation’s Instagram pages was won by the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.
The management of the Asian Boxing Confederation congratulates to the hard work and development to the Macau Boxing Association, Boxing Federation of India and Kazakhstan Boxing Federation to develop the level of communication.

You can follow Macau Boxing Association’s website here:
You can follow their Boxing Federation of India’s Facebook page here:
You can follow Kazakhstan Boxing Federation’s Instagram page here:

Results of the 1st online voting:
1. Macau Boxing Association – 37.5%
2. Chinese Taipei Boxing Association – 35.4%
3. Kazakhstan Boxing Federation – 12.5%
Results of the 2nd online voting:
1. Boxing Federation of India – 91.7%
2. Chinese Taipei Boxing Association – 1.4%
3. Mongolian Boxing Federation – 1.15%
Results of the 3rd online voting:
1. Kazakhstan Boxing Federation – 47.8%
2. Boxing Federation of India – 17.4%
3. Thailand Boxing Association – 13%

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