Astana Women’s Cup

Kazakhstan’s selection event was held in the Astana Women’s Cup
Kazakhstan has been preparing to the upcoming AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships which will be helding in Astana next year. The Astana Women’s Cup was a selection event for that event where almost all of the best female athletes of Kazakhstan took part to get the titles.
Defending National Champion of Kazakhstan Alina Turlybayeva was not enough successful in the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships in Wulanchabu but she was able to get the throne at the Light Flyweight class (48 kg) in Astana. The 24-year-old boxer defeated young Alua Balkybekova in the semi-final and experienced Aigerim Askarova in the gold medal bout.
Incheon 2014 Asian Games silver medallist Zhaina Shekerbekova defeated AIBA Women’s World Champion Nazym Kyzaybay in the final of the National Championships of Kazakhstan some months ago. The two top stars met each other once again in the final of the Astana Women’s Cup and the result was the same on their re-match, Shekerbekova was able to keep the distance and bagged the gold medal. Newly crowned AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Balaussa Muzdiman secured bronze medal in the strongest weight class of the Astana Women’s Cup.
AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Dina Zholaman lost to Rano Parkhatova of Almaty in the final of the Kazakh Women’s National Championships in spring which was a huge surprise. The 23-year-old Zholaman returned to the national team in top shape and defeated Parkhatova in the final of the Bantamweight class (54 kg) in Astana which was a revenge and a perfect timing before the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.
Astana’s Saniya Sultankyzy joined to the national team of Kazakhstan only last year but she proved once again she is the top boxer at the Featherweight class (57 kg). The 25-year-old National Champion eliminated veteran Oksana Koroleva in the semi-final and met in the final of the Astana Women’s Cup with 18-year-old Maria Agapova who was a competitive rival for her but Sultankyzy was able to defend her local throne in Kazakhstan.
AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Nazym Ishchanova defeated 19-year-old talent Karina Ibragimova in the semi-final which was the key bout of the Olympic Lightweight class (60 kg). The 18-year-old Ishchanova, who trains in the Atyrau region, dominated all of the rounds against Aizhan Khodzhabekova of Karagandy and secured her first ever title among the elite athletes.
South Kazakhstan’s Madina Nurshayeva shocked national team member Zarina Tsoloyeva in the final of the Kazakh Women’s National Championships some months ago and she was able to repeat that top performance in the final of the Astana Women’s Cup while former ASBC Asian Women’s Champion and London 2012 Olympian Saida Khasenova achieved only bronze in the event.
Astana’s second gold medal was achieved by 20-year-old Valentina Khalzova who moved down one category and won the Welterweight class (69 kg) after beating Zura Khusainova in the final. Another youngster Violetta Knyazeva of Karagandy region secured a title in the event in Astana where she was too smart for Fariza Shaltay in the gold medal bout of the Middleweight class (75 kg).
AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Yulduz Mamatkulova returned to the top of the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) in Astana where she was too strong for her main local rival Moldir Bazarbayeva. In the absence of star Lazzat Kungeybayeva a young hope Umida Sadykova won the gold medal of the tenth weight class after defeating Togzhan Syzdykova in Astana.
Winners in the Astana Women’s Cup
48 kg: Alina Turlybayeva
51 kg: Zhaina Shekerbekova
54 kg: Dina Zholaman
57 kg: Saniya Sultankyzy
60 kg: Nazym Ishchanova
64 kg: Madina Nurshayeva
69 kg: Valentina Khalzova
75 kg: Violetta Knyazeva
81 kg: Yulduz Mamatkulova
+81 kg: Umida Sadykova