ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba sends his best wishes to the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka on their Independence Day

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Anas Alotaiba, furthermore and the whole ASBC management are sending their best wishes to the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka on their Independence Day. 

The National Day also known as the Independence Day is a Sri Lankan national holiday which celebrates on February 4 every year. The National Day commemorates the country’s political independence from the previous British colonial rules in 1948. Sri Lanka declared its independence short after that India and Pakistan separated from the British Indian Empire.

The Sri Lankan National Day celebrates with dances, parades, flag ceremonies and other kind of performances throughout the country. The main celebration takes place in the capital city of the country in Colombo where the President of the State raises the national flag of Sri Lanka and he makes a speech for the nation which broadcasts in the TV channels.

The Sri Lankan government arranges a military parade on the National Day and all of the services including the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, the Police and the Civil Defence Force introduce their strength and power. The national unity, bravery, dedication, peace the history of the state are the key messages of the Independence Day.

Sri Lanka competed at the Olympic Games first in the London 1948 edition when the newly independent country attended with four boxers. The Sri Lankans competed seven editions of the Olympic Games and their last boxer who qualified for the event was Anuraddha Bandara Rathnayake who earned his spot for Beijing in 2008.

ASBC EC member, AIBA EC member and the current President of the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka Mr. Dian Gomes has re-elected in the Annual General Meeting uncontested on August 2020. Sri Lanka achieved record number of three bronze medals at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia and another highlight of the country was their gold medal in the 2019 South Asian Games.

Their main target is the 22nd edition of the Commonwealth Games which will be held in Birmingham, United Kingdom from July 27 until August 7 in 2022. Another important event for the Sri Lankans is the South Asian Games in 2022 which is scheduled to be held in Lahore, Pakistan. Sri Lanka is planning to host the next edition of the National Championships in March 2021.

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