ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba congratulates to Mr. Lenny D’Gama of India who has been appointed as member of the AIBA Refereeing & Judging Commission

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Anas Alotaiba and the whole ASBC management congratulates to India’s experienced International Technical Official, Mr. Lenny D’Gama who was appointed as new member of the AIBA Refereeing & Judging Commission.

The Indian boxing official is a well-known person in the international boxing events since decades and he has all of the experiences how to host competitions as well. Mr. Lenny D’Gama arranged several international tournaments and one Asian Boxing Championships in his home city in the picturesque Goa.

Mr. Lenny D’Gama of India was named as the Best ITO in Asia in 2017 following his hard work in the international competitions. He was assisting in India at various State Boxing Championships, National Boxing Championships, and he was assigned to five big International and ABSC Asian Championships in 2017. Mr. Lenny D’Gama was one of the Refereeing & Judging Evaluators in the 2019 ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where he followed all of the bouts with all of his experiences. One of our best ITOs and Evaluators can support the AIBA Refereeing & Judging Commission in the upcoming years.

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