ASBC Future Stars – Iran’s 12-year-old Komeyl Kohanpoor

The Iranian Boxing Federation works successfully to develop their boxing life under the schoolboy level, their next hope could be 12-year-old Komeyl Kohanpoor who has got strong attitude to increase his skills and reach his goals.

The President of the Iranian Boxing Federation Mr. Hossein Souri has got strong long-term strategic plans in the grassroots level of the country to duplicate the number of boxers in youngest age group. The Iranian boxers delivered excellent results in the Asian continental events in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s but the recent two decades were not enough successful for the boxing power therefore the country is trying to build up new generation.

The Asian Boxing Confederation’s new PR campaign, the ASBC Future stars have been introducing the continent’s best hopes and young talents focusing to the new wave of the boxers. Iran proved their country has got dozens of young boxing talents under the schoolboys age group all of the regions of the Western Asian nation.

Iran’s next talent is Komeyl Kohanpoor who was born in the city of Gonbad-e Kavus in 2008. The currently 12-year-old hope began his boxing career one more than two years ago in 2018. He is spending most of his time in the boxing gym and trains every day in fantastic environment to accomplish his goals. Kohanpoor can compete in the schoolboy level next year and he hopes that he can get the Iranian national title first.

Komeyl Kohanpoor trains around 15 hours per week in the city of Gonbad-e Kavus in the Golestan province of the country. He trains with coach Mr. Ardalan Ghamsari in his home city with the support also with his parents.

Following the 8-year-old Ali Khodadadi, the 9-year-old Mohammadreza Yarahmadi, Arsia Barzkar, Shayan Boorang, Shahriyar Boorang, Mohammad Barati, Sahand Najafi, Hossein Faraji, Radin Zare, and Amirmahdi Babamorad, Komeyl Kohanpoor is their next young talent with great future expectations due to their attitude to the work.

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