ASBC Asian Junior Champions as Javlonbek Yuldashev and Nurislom Ismoilov lead Team Uzbekistan at the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships

The new edition of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships will be the highlight of the upcoming one week. The head coach of the Uzbek youth team Mr. Hamid Tangribergenov selected altogether 18 boxers and the line-ups contains ASBC Asian Junior Champions such as Javlonbek Yuldashev and Nurislom Ismoilov.
The Uzbekistan boxing team contains eight female, and ten male boxers and among them eleven could be attending in the youth age group also in 2020. The Uzbek girls amazed in the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah last month getting gold medals besides to the boys therefore the target is the same for their youth stars.
The Uzbek youth national team competed at the Yukov Prizes Youth Tournament in Belarus, at the Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament in Russia, at the Dildabekov Prizes Youth Tournament, at the Zhetysu Youth Cup both in Kazakhstan and many other events this year to be competitive at the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships.
Bukhara’s Marzhona Savriyeva won the junior national title in 2018 and she won also the youth gold medal this year and will be representing Team Uzbekistan at the women’s light flyweight (48kg). Andizhan’s Saydiniso Mukhammedalieva is also spending her first year among the youth boxers as Savriyeva and received the right to box in Ulaanbaatar after three and half years of experiences in the sport.
Samarkand’s duo Nasiba Khairullayeva (54kg) and Navbakhor Khamidova (75kg) were members of the Uzbek women’s youth national team one and half year ago which attended in the 1st ASBC Asian Women’s Youth Boxing Championships. Since then both female talents increased their experiences and will be attending in their second youth continental event.
Samarkand’s new sensation Sitora Turdibekova (57kg) is 17 but following two national titles she won the Zhetysu Youth Cup in Kazakhstan. Dzhizak’s welterweight (69kg) Khadijabonu Abdullaeva also won international tournaments in Kazakhstan and could be Uzbekistan’s top female fighter in Ulaanbaatar besides to Turdibekova. The female team still contains Bukhara’s Ziyoda Yarashova (60kg) and Surkhondarya’s Dilfuza Bekova (64kg).
Uzbekistan’s male team contains high number of gold medal contenders and favourites in Ulaanbaatar and their target is the same to keep their top position among the squads. Bukhara region’s Shakhzod Muzaffarov won the Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament and could be one of the gold medal contenders of the light flyweight (49kg).
Ferghana region’s flyweight (52kg) hope Yukov Prizes Youth Tournament silver medallist Mirzabek Mirzakhalilov was born also in 2002 as Muzaffarov but he has already 103 bouts during his successful career. Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament bronze medallist Khurshidbek Rasuljonov arrived from the same region and will be attending at the bantamweight (56kg). Andizhan’s ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships silver medallist tall Rakhmatullo Toshpulatov is a favourite at the lightweight (60kg).
Asadkhudja Muydinkhudjayev is one of the best Uzbek youth boxers who won the Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament in Russia this April but he was selected to attend in the elite training camp in Cuba. The Central Asian boxing power had another star at the light welterweight (64kg) in the Ulaanbaatar event, Javlonbek Yuldashev who claimed gold at the Puerto Princesa 2017 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships.
Kokand’s welterweight (69kg) pride Nurislom Ismoilov began boxing at the age of 8 and the currently 17-year-old boxer claimed gold at the 2017 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships as Javlonbek Yuldashev. Bukhara region’s Youth National Champion Sukhrobjon Kayimov achieved two important bronze medals in top Russian international events this year and could be one of the sensations of the middleweight (75kg).
Andizhan region’s Dildabekov Prizes Youth Tournament bronze medallist 17-year-old Shokhjakhon Abdullaev is currently Uzbekistan’s best youth light heavyweight (81kg) boxer. Bukhara’s heavyweight (91kg) Amirshokh Samadov won the Zhetysu Youth Cup just before the start of the Ulaanbaatar event. Kokand’s Victory Youth Tournament bronze medallist Mirmukhsin Makhmudov replaced ASBC Asian Junior Champion Shokrukh Almatov and represents Uzbekistan at the super heavyweight (+91kg).

The Uzbek team in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships
Women’s 48kg: Marzhona Savriyeva
Women’s 51kg: Saydiniso Mukhammedalieva
Women’s 54kg: Nasiba Khairullayeva
Women’s 57kg: Sitora Turdibekova
Women’s 60kg: Ziyoda Yarashova
Women’s 64kg: Dilfuza Bekova
Women’s 69kg: Khadijabonu Abdullaeva
Women’s 75kg: Navbakhor Khamidova
Men’s 49kg: Shakhzod Muzaffarov
Men’s 52kg: Mirzabek Mirzakhalilov
Men’s 56kg: Khurshidbek Rasuljonov
Men’s 60kg: Rakhmatullo Toshpulatov
Men’s 64kg: Javlonbek Yuldashev
Men’s 69kg: Nurislom Ismoilov
Men’s 75kg: Sukhrobjon Kayimov
Men’s 81kg: Shokhjakhon Abdullaev
Men’s 91kg: Amirshokh Samadov
Men’s +91kg: Mirmukhsin Makhmudov

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