ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships – Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting was held in Bangkok

The Technical Meeting of the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships was held in Bangkok, Thailand which was the first important step of the competition. The upcoming event is the most important Asian boxing competition of the current year.
Honorary Vice-President of AIBA Mr. Keith Walker of New Zealand is the Supervisor of the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok who is one of the most experienced official in the AIBA Family.
The ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships is also a qualification event for the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships which will be taking place in Qatar in the first part of October.
The Asian continent has got altogether 66 quota places to the Doha event which is the second highest one after the European continent. From 49 kg up to the 81 kg weight classes the Asian continents has got 7 quotas including the host nation of the AIBA World Boxing Championships Qatar’s places. Five boxers will be getting the quotas in the highest two categories at the 91 kg and +91 kg in Bangkok.
The general weigh-in will start tomorrow from 7am in the athlete hotel where only boxers are allowed in the venue. The official drawing ceremony using with computer system will be held at 10am and two boxers in each weight classes will be seeded after the general weigh-in. The drawing ceremony will be held in the Ebina House Hotel.
The first competition day is scheduled also tomorrow from 5pm at local time when the ASBC Asian Boxing Confederation Boxing Championships will be starting with the preliminaries which will take place in the first six competition days. Following those exciting bouts the quarter-finals, semi-final and finals are in the schedule.
The schedule of the ASBC Asian Boxing Confederation day by day:
26 August – Preliminaries
27 August – Preliminaries
28 August – Preliminaries
29 August – Preliminaries
30 August – Preliminaries
31 August – Preliminaries
1 September – Quarter-finals
2 September – Quarter-finals
3 September – Rest day
4 September – Semi-finals
5 September – Finals
The number of the registered boxers is 213 which is over all of the previous records while the number of the participating nations is 32.