Ankushita Boro and Silab Noori both defeated strong Mongolian rivals in the afternoon session

Some of the winners of the afternoon session advanced to the last 16 at the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok today. India’s Ankushita Boro won a crucial battle at the women’s lightweight (60kg) but Afghanistan’s Silab Noori also made a strong debut.

Altogether 579 boxers from 133 countries are participating in the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok where the total number of the available quotas for the Paris 2024 Olympics is 51. The number of the coaches, officials and team delegations members is 610 in Thailand.

India’s Ankushita Boro moved down two categories since the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event and she made her debut at the lightweight (60kg) today. The 24-year-old boxer had an Asian opponent, Mongolia’s Namuun Monkhor who earned several medals during her career. The Indian made a fantastic show today and she looked not only strong but also enough fast to beat one of the top Mongolians in Bangkok.

Mongolia’s Ganzorig Dalai joined their national team at the Asian Games and he received his second chance in a qualification event in Bangkok. The 28-year-old Mongolian light heavyweight (80kg) boxer found the best distance against Kenya’s Edwin Okongo Owuor in the first round and he eliminated his African rival joining the last 16.

Japan’s Go Wakaya is their best light heavyweight (80kg) boxer who competed in all of the previous qualification events and in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships as well. Wakaya, the university student, started the first round better than Canada’s Keven Emmanuel Beausejour. The Japanese boxer was still able to increase his speed in the second round and despite the Canadian control in the third, Wakaya marched to the last 16 in Bangkok. Afghanistan’s best elite male boxer, the Asian Championships competitor Silab Noori lives and trains in Germany since 2021 and he moved up to the heavyweight (92kg) successfully. The 22-year-old boxer used up all of his European experiences against Mongolia’s new addition to their squad, Otgonbold Nyamdorj and he had the better punches to win this Round of 64 preliminary bout by points.

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