Altogether 105 participants attended in the 1st Japanese Mass National Championships between the age of 6 and 74

The first edition of the Japanese Mass National Championships for their younger and older senior boxers was held in Ebino city in the Miyazaki Prefecture which was a two-days long competition. The competition was a light contact event which supports the development of the youngest hopes and give chance to everyone in the older ages to do boxing safely.

The Japanese Boxing Federation decided to launch this initiative which is a non-damage contact between the boxers and more than a training opportunity for those who love our sport in various ages. The Japanese Mass National Championships was held by ages, genders and heights not about based on weights.

The youngest participant was only 6-year-old while the oldest competitor in the Japanese Mass National Championships took part at the age of 74. The Qualifying events of the competition were held in the prefectures of Japan while the main national championship contained two competition days. The first day was the semi-final, the second the session of the finals in this new kind of competition.

There were altogether 105 participants in the first Japanese Mass National Championships and among them many boxers use the sport as fitness and training themselves to keep their mind and physical conditions fit. Fitness boxing is popular not only in Japan but in many part of the Asian region and other continents.

There were three very impressive participants at the first Japanese Mass National Championships over the age of 60 who competed in several international events in the past. Mr. Tsukasa Nakamura and Mr. Koichi Kiniwa both qualified from Japan to the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games but lost their rights to attend in the capital of the Soviet Union due to political reasons. Mr. Mamoru Kuroiwa represented Japan at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games and delighted the venue of the Mass National Championships.

The Japanese Boxing Federation will consider to involve those to the program who have to use wheelchairs to widen the world for them. Following the successes of Japanese boxing in the recent one decade, the sport is popular in the country and the National Federation is planning to involve to their activities as many people as possible to strengthen the background and male boxing to mass sport.

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