AIBA 2-star Referee & Judge Course will be held in the Sofia in October 10-16

The Bulgarian Boxing Federation will be hosting the next AIBA 2-star Referee & Judge Course which will be held in Sofia in October 10-16 during the 4th edition of the Balkan Women’s Tournament. The upcoming AIBA 2-star Referee & Judge Course is available for all National Federations in the whole world.
The course fee of this is AIBA 2-star Referee & Judge Course is 200 USD per participant in Bulgaria. These activities, the courses and the international tournament are all preparations for the upcoming major competitions.
The upcoming 2-star AIBA Referee & Judge Course will be held from October 10 until October 16 including with the date of the arrival and departure. The Course period of the seminar is between October 11 and October 15 while the deadline for all applications is September 12.
Current certified and active AIBA 1-star R&Js who certified for at least 12 months or current AIBA 2-star R&Js who are not active in the international level since 2012, are eligible to take part in the upcoming 2-star AIBA Refereeing & Judging Course in Bulgaria.

Organizer of the AIBA 2-stars Referee & Judge Course in Bulgaria:
Bulgarian Boxing Federation
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Bulgarian Boxing Federation’s email:

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