AIBA 2-star Coach Course will be held in Amman in July 15-23

Jordan Boxing Association will be hosting an important AIBA 2-star Coach Course in their capital city in Amman in July 15-23. The course fee is 150 USD per participant while the Course will be held in the Al-Fanar Palace Hotel in Amman.
There will be an AIBA 3-star R&J Course during the upcoming Thailand Open Boxing Tournament but there is another option for the Referees & Judges to increase their status during the summer. The Monkstown Box Cup will be held in Ireland and parallel to the competition an AIBA 2-star Referee & Judge Course is scheduled which means there are a lot of opportunities for the Asian coaches and R&Js in the upcoming weeks.
The upcoming 2-star AIBA Coach Course will be held from July 15 until July 23 including with the date of the arrival and departure. The Course period of the seminar is between July 16 and July 22 while the deadline for all applications is June 1.
Current certified and active AIBA 1-star Coaches, who have done an AIBA 1-Star Coach Certification Course and the corresponding certification course, are eligible to take part in the upcoming 2-star AIBA Coach Course in Jordan. Coaches who have never taken an AIBA Coach Certification Course should apply one of the forthcoming AIBA 1-Star Coach Courses.
Organizer of the AIBA 2-stars Coach Course in Amman:
Jordan Boxing Association
Mr. Ali Abudari
Visa and entry requirements of the Course:
Mr. Mahmoud Alshwarbeh