Abdigozha and Uralbayev were the stars of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament


The Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament was held in Turkestan, Kazakhstan where the host country won all of the 15 weight classes in the event. Among Kazakhstan’s best female and male youth boxers Zhansaya Abdraimova, Akniyet Abdigozha, Zhanna Serikova, Kanat Sangyl, Asan Yerubek, Mukhatali Uralbayev, Kazhykhan Nauryzbay and Ardak Alimkhan won their weight classes in Turkestan which is a historical city and their buildings are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Bekzat Sattarkhanov was a super talented boxer who won the National Championships of Kazakhstan in 1999 and qualified to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games at the age of 19. Sattarkhanov won the gold medal in Sydney with superb performance defeating all of the stars of his weight class in Australia. After that amazing success Sattarkhanov was passed away due a car accident in the beginning of 2001.
Men boxers who were born in 1999 and 2000 were eligible to compete in the men’s youth event which was a preparation for several athletes to the upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships which will be held in Bangkok in July. Woman boxing was involved to the official program of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament in 2015 and the youth ladies can box in four weight classes this time.
Golden Girl Box Cup bronze medallist Zhansaya Abdraimova walked over to the first final as her semi-final opponent Aizhan Madibek was not able to fight against her. The flyweight (51kg) talent met with Diana Keilman in the final and after the last gong her hand was raised. The final verdict was split decision to Abdraimova who has got chance to box for Kazakhstan in the upcoming AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships.
Golden Gloves of Vojvodina Youth Tournament winner Akniyet Abdigozha moved up to the featherweight (57kg) in the recent months but she was unstoppable for her rivals in Turkestan including Aykhan Altynbek in the final. Kazakhstan’s new lightweight (60kg) sensation in the women’s youth level Zhanna Serikova also delivered top performance in the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament where she was too strong for Adina Kaldybay in the final. The fourth women’s youth gold medal was achieved by Ulgaisha Askarova at the middleweight (75kg) in Turkestan.
The first gold medal of the men’s part of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Tournament was achieved by Aydos Altynbek who defeated Turarbek Kaliyev at the pinweight (46kg) in Turkestan. The first official youth category, the light flyweight (49kg) was won by Aziz Sanatbayev who was in different level than his teammate Askar Saparbek in the final of the event while Uzbekistan’s Madumar Kuandykov missed to get any medal in the event.
Kanat Sangyl achieved bronze medal at the flyweight (52kg) in the last edition of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament but in his second appearance he won the title after beating Zhandos Alibayev by split decision in the final. Zhetysu Youth Cup winner and Kazakh Youth National Championships quarter-finalist Asan Yerubek had a strong final opponent Kyrgyzstan’s Children of Asia Games bronze medallist younger talent Sanzhar Seidakmatov but he was able to solve that tactical job in Turkestan.
Zhetysu Youth Cup silver medallist Nurdos Tolebay joined to the youth age group in the recent months and moved up to the lightweight (60kg) which was a successful decision. The 16-year-old boxer defeated Azat Zhambyrbay in the final of the event in Turkestan. Ali Akedilov achieved bronze medal in the 2016 Kazakh Youth National Championships last June therefore his experiences were enough to beat Murat Turmanbetov in the event.
The gold medal of the welterweight (69kg) was achieved by Aldiyar Kakimov who defeated Uzbekistan’s Sherjakhon Mirzabekov in the final. Miroshnichenko Junior Memorial Tournament winner Mukhatali Uralbayev took silver medal in the 2016 Kazakh Youth National Championships and met with another national team member boxer, Children of Asia Games bronze medallist Beket Pernekhan in the final of the middleweight (75kg). Uralbayev had warm moments in their gold medal contest but finally his hand was raised due his accuracy and stamina.
Kazakhstan’s Dildabekov Prizes Junior Tournament winner Kazhykhan Nauryzbay was also bronze medallist in the last edition of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament as Kanat Sangil. He developed well in the recent 12 months and has changed that result into gold this time. The 18-year-old boxer moved from the middleweight (75kg) up to the light heavyweight (81kg) and dominated his final against Kayrat Yesmakhan.
Zhetysu Youth Cup silver medallist Meirambek Berganayev is an experienced heavyweight (91kg) boxer who had narrow triumphs against ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships bronze medallist Elkhan Tabynbayev and Daniil Semenov in the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament. AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Ardak Alimkhan was silver medallist in the last edition of the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament one year ago but this time he won his final against 18-year-old Yerasyl Ziyada in Turkestan.

List of the winners in the Bekzat Sattarkhanov Youth Memorial Tournament
Kazakhstan Women’s Youth 51kg: Zhansaya Abdraimova, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Women’s Youth 57kg: Akniyet Abdigozha, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Women’s Youth 60kg: Zhanna Serikova, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Women’s Youth 75kg: Ulgaisha Askarova, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 46kg: Aydos Altynbek, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 49kg: Aziz Sanatbayev, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 52kg: Kanat Sangyl, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 56kg: Asan Yerubek, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 60kg: Nurdos Tolebay, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 64kg: Ali Akedilov, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 69kg: Aldiyar Kakimov, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 75kg: Mukhatali Uralbayev, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 81kg: Kazhykhan Nauryzbay, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth 91kg: Meirambek Berganayev, Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Men’s Youth +91kg: Ardak Alimkhan, Kazakhstan