3 years ago on this day – The finals of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships were fantastic in Bangkok

The 2017 edition of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships finished on this day three years ago in Bangkok, Thailand where several of our current elite stars claimed medals. The level of the finals was impressive in the 2017 ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Thailand’s capital. Uzbekistan achieved five gold medal in the event and became the most successful country at the very first time in the history of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships since 2010. 

Altogether 120 male boxers from 23 countries attended for the medals in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Bangkok. Besides to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Japan and Iran were able to get gold medals in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships. The Best Boxer Trophy was won by Japan’s Hayato Tsutsumi who won his second Asian youth title.

India’s AIBA Youth World Champion Sachin Siwach Singh eliminated Thailand’s top talent Thitisan Panmod in the semi-final of their light flyweight (49kg) bout which was a fantastic fight. The super talented Indian boxer met for the title with Uzbekistan’s Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament winner Samandar Kholmurodov. Sachin used his longer hands in the bout to keep the distance and some of his jabs worked but Uzbekistan’s younger talent did enough to win the first gold medal.

Uzbekistan’s 17-year-old Abdumalik Khalakov was amazing in the road to the final of the flyweight (52kg) against difficult opponents. The Uzbek Youth National Games winner flyweight (52kg) talent had a strong tactic against Japan’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion Ryutaro Nakagaki who also gave in everything in the final. Khalakov used his counter-attacking style but Nakagaki did an amazing finish and turned back their final in Bangkok which meant the Japanese talent won his second Asian title during his career.

Japan’s defending AIBA Youth World Champion and ASBC Asian Youth Champion Hayato Tsutsumi arrived to Bangkok as the top favourite. Japan’s bantamweight (56kg) star met for the title with Thailand’s most experienced youth boxer Pluem Wangkhlaklang. Tsutsumi was motivated in the final of the event while the Thai talent felt the support of the crowd and had a great tactic against the Japanese boxer. Tsutsumi kept his focus until the final gong and his superb finish delivered for him another title in his career. 

Kazakhstan’s AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships silver medallist Samatali Toltayev arrived to Bangkok as the main favourite of the lightweight (60kg). The Kazakh talent faced with Thailand’s AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Sakda Ruamtham in the final. The final verdict was split decision to Samatali Toltayev who proved a wonderful performance in the third round. Following Samatali, his twin brother Sanatali was also crowned in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships beating Uzbekistan’s No.1 Bilolbek Mirzarakhimov in the final.

Thailand’s ASEAN Youth Boxing Champion Peerapat Yeasungnoen was amazing in the semi-finals against India’s favourite of the welterweight (69kg) Naveen Boora in Bangkok. The 17-year-old Thai talent had an attacking tactic in the title bout against Uzbekistan’s Farrukh Ilkhamov whose punches were more efficient which meant Uzbekistan secured its second gold medal in Bangkok. Uzbekistan’s Youth National Games winner Rajabboy Atanazarov dominated the middleweight (75kg) final against China’s Zhu Chao.

Iran’s Reza Hassan Nia exceeded the expectations in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships where he advanced to the final of the light heavyweight (81kg. The 18-year-old Iranian boxer faced with Uzbekistan’s Timur Ergashev in a hectic final in which Hassan Nia was able to keep the distance well enough from the second round and his counter-attacking style delivered for him a gold medal in Bangkok.

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion 18-year-old Profsor Rorimsha had great left-handed hooks in the first round of the heavyweight (91kg) final against Kazakhstan’s Danila Semenov who is a newcomer in their youth national squad. Rorimsha was able to reduce the fighting distance in the first round against his taller opponent and continued his strong performance until the final bell.

Uzbekistan’s Beket Makhmutov Youth Cup winner Lazizbek Mullojonov has got great physical skills and his speed is different than others in the highest category. The Uzbek super heavyweight (+91kg) boxer met for the title with Kazakhstan’s defending champion Nurdaulet Ulanuly. The Uzbek boxer used similar style as his elite teammate AIBA World Champion and ASBC Asian Champion Bakhodir Jalolov and delivered Uzbekistan’s 5th title in Bangkok.

List of the winners in the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships
49kg: Samandar Kholmurodov, Uzbekistan
52kg: Ryutaro Nakagaki, Japan
56kg: Hayato Tsutsumi, Japan
60kg: Samatali Toltayev, Kazakhstan
64kg: Sanatali Toltayev, Kazakhstan
69kg: Farrukh Ilkhamov, Uzbekistan
75kg: Rajabboy Atanazarov, Uzbekistan
81kg: Reza Hassan Nia, Iran
91kg: Profsor Rorimsha, Uzbekistan
+91kg: Lazizbek Mullojonov, Uzbekistan

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