Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Junior Tournament


18 July, 2015

More than 200 junior boxers fought for the medals in Balkhash
The Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Junior Tournament was held in the city of Balkhash, Kazakhstan where more than 200 boxers fought for the medals. Kazakhstan claimed thirteen gold medals in the home event while Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan both secured one top podium place in Balkhash.

The boxers who were born in 2000 and in 2001, were eligible to compete in the Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Junior Tournament in Balkhash. The local federation was planned to give the chance to fight in the event for the younger junior age groups in Balkhash to manage their future goals and career.

Kazakhstan claimed five gold medals in the ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Continental Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and their junior boxers have been preparing to the AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships which will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia in the beginning of September.

The international event was held in fifteen weight classes: 42 kg, 44 kg, 46 kg, 48 kg, 50 kg, 52 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60 kg, 63 kg, 66 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg and +80 kg. Host Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Mongolia were the nations who took part in the junior event in Balkhash.

The first gold medal was won by Kostanay’s Danil Chumak of Kazakhstan who defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Nural Rustambek Uulu in the 42kg weight class in Balkhash. Saman Holmuradov won Uzbekistan’s lone gold medal in the city of Balkhash who defeated Kyrgyzstan’s Nurmukhamed Ratbek Uulu in the final.

Kazakhstan’s Daniyar Zhaksylyk continued the winning path of the host nation after that Uzbek gold medal. He was able to defeat Kyrgyzstan’s Umar Kulochbek Uulu in the final of the Pinweight class (46 kg). Nigmatulla Moldashev has got great family connection with boxing as his elder brothers are also involved to our combat sport therefore his triumph over Nurzhan Kaskabayev was the result of the genetics.

Kyrgyzstan’s only gold medal in the tournament was achieved by Daniyar Kanatbekov whose top position was a surprise in Balkhash. The 14-year-old Kyrgyz boxer defeated Kazakhstan’s Erke Ubaydullauly in the final of the Light Bantamweight class (52 kg). Karagandy’s Aibek Muratov had great results in the recent months and proved his best once again in Balkhash where he controlled his final contest over Bakdaulet Shyrymkhan.

The biggest name of the entire competition was Ruslan Kharchenko who claimed silver medal in the Kazakh Junior National Championships in January and he was also reserve boxer of their squad in the ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Continental Championships. The 15-year-old boxer had to meet for the gold with Dauren Toktargozha and he was able to solve that tactical task in Balkhash.

Ruslan Kharchenko has been fighting to be involved to the top team of Kazakhstan which will be attending at the upcoming AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. The last gold medal of the tournament was achieved by Ulan Dosetov at the Heavyweight class (80 kg) which was his career highlight.

Winners in the junior event in Balkhash

42 kg: Danil Chumak, Kazakhstan

44 kg: Saman Holmuradov, Uzbekistan

46 kg: Daniyar Zhaksylyk, Kazakhstan

48 kg: Nursat Zinolla, Kazakhstan

50 kg: Nigmatulla Moldashev, Kazakhstan

52 kg: Daniyar Kanatbekov, Kyrgyzstan

54 kg: Abylaykhan Bitimov, Kazakhstan

57 kg: Bekbolat Akim, Kazakhstan

60 kg: Yermakhan Zhakpekov, Kazakhstan

63 kg: Yerbulan Mantay, Kazakhstan

66 kg: Yersultan Nazarkulov, Kazakhstan

70 kg: Aibek Muratov, Kazakhstan

75 kg: Ruslan Kharchenko, Kazakhstan

80 kg: Elnur Tokberdiyev, Kazakhstan

+80 kg: Ulan Dosetov, Kazakhstan