Duisenkul Shopokov Tournament is coming soon in Bishkek

The first big men's elite boxing event in 2017 in our Asian continent will be the 41st edition of the Duisenkul Shopokov Memorial Tournament in Kyrgyzstan soon. The annual Duisenkul Shopokov Memorial Tournament will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan opening from January 30 which is a tradition the event starts the new year ... More

Two-time Olympian Shiva Thapa dominated his new weight class in the Indian National Championships

The 63rd edition of the National Boxing Championships in India was held in Guwahati which is located in the Northeastern part of the country and well known as the biggest city in Assam state. India's two-time Olympian Shiva Thapa shined in the competition in his new weight class and secured his next national title. Har... More

Two-time AIBA Women’s World Champion Nazym Kyzaibay wins in the Galym Zharylgapov Tournament

The Galym Zharylgapov Tournament delivered high number of big battles in the elite women and in the elite men competitions as well. Host Kazakhstan claimed eleven gold medals among the possible thirteen in the Serik Sapiyev Olympic Center but China and Uzbekistan also did well enough in the Galym Zharylgapov Tournament... More

Tajikistan’s 14-year-old Timur Negmatulloev amazed the crowd in the Dushanbe Junior Championships

Tajikistan's capital city Dushanbe hosted its city championships for the men's junior boxers where 13 new champions have been crowned. The Dushanbe Junior Championships saw four top talents of the country such as Mavlon Fayziyev (46kg), Khudoynazar Malakhbekov (52kg), Timur Negmatulloev (63kg) and Mekhrnush Kalandarov ... More

Madoka Wada, Aya Shinmoto and Misuzu Hayashi are the bests in the Japanese Women’s National Championships

Japanese Women's Elite & High School National Boxing Championships was held in the city of Omishima in the end of the year. The relatively small city is in the Ehime Prefecture which is located in the Shikoku Island of the country which has been preparing to its upcoming local Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The Japanese ... More

Nine new winners in the Kyrgyzstan Youth National Championships

The Kyrgyz Youth National Championships was held in the Energetik Sportcomplex in Karakol where the new wave of the Central Asian country delivered great performance and surprises in the event. Karakol hosted the event which is located in the Issyk-Kul region and formerly known as Przhevalsk in the Soviet times. Kyrgyz... More

Record number of women boxers competed in the Laos National Championships in Vientiane

The 11th edition of the National Boxing Championships in Laos was held in Vientiane which is the capital city of the Southeast Asian country. The national competition was held for the elite women, junior girls, elite men and junior boys in Vientiane. Among the country’s best hopes in the new Olympic cycle Khamphouvanh ... More

Six Malaysian gold medals in the Penang Pesta International Tournament

The Penang Pesta International Tournament is now a traditional competition in the Southeast Asian region which event was held in the city of the popular Penang. Malaysia’s best boxer Muhammad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan was amazing in the new edition while Singapore’s two hopes were also enough strong to win their ... More