ASBC Heroes – Kazakhstan’s unbeaten female talent Dana Diday

Following Valeriya Semyonova’s success at the light middleweight (70kg), Kazakhstan claimed its next title at the middleweight (75kg) in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships which was done by Dana Diday. The currently 17-year-old Kazakh female boxer delivered that success in Fujairah, ... More

19 years ago on this day – Thailand achieved seven gold medals at the Kuala Lumpur 2001 Southeast Asian Games

The finals of the 2001 edition of the Southeast Asian Games were held nineteen years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on this day. Thailand’s stars as Suban Pannon, Somjit Jongjohor, Sontaya Wongprates won gold medals in the event while Malaysia and Indonesia both earned two titles in 2001. The Southeast Asian Games ... More

ASBC Future Stars – Iran’s 7-year-old Arsia Bazrkar from Bandar-Abbas

Iran’s Arsia Bazrkar is a super talented small child who impressed his coaches, officials and several stakeholders with his intense and high speed training sessions. The Asian Boxing Confederation’s new PR campaign, the ASBC Future stars have been introducing the continent’s best hopes and young talents focusing ... More

Highlights of the ASBC National Federations – Cambodia won three titles in the Southeast Asian Games and three medals in the Asian Games during its boxing history

The Asian Boxing Confederation introduces the best moments of its affiliated Asian National Federations launching a new PR campaign, the Highlights of the ASBC National Federations. Cambodia claimed three gold medals in the history of the Southeast Asian Games in the 1960s and three podium places in the boxing events ... More

ASBC Future Stars – Iraq’s super heavyweight talent Barq Ashraf Sabah

Iraq’s Barq Ashraf Sabah is a super heavyweight (+91kg) talent who is aiming to get top international results in the upcoming years. The 23-year-old boxer is one of the possible ASBC Future Stars who has been working hard to achieve the highest level of boxing. The Asian Boxing Confederation’s new PR campaign, the ... More

The online ASBC Referees & Judges Commission Meeting was led by the active Chairman Mr. Paiboon Srichaisawat

The ASBC Referees & Judges Commission Meeting was held also online to discuss the most important topics and challenges which affect the daily work of the commission. The ASBC Competition Commission Meeting and the ASBC Women’s Commission Meeting were also done through by the application of Zoom in the recent ... More

ASBC Heroes – Kazakhstan’s ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Champion Valeriya Semyonova who is still junior in 2020

Kazakhstan’s Valeriya Semyonova was gold medallist at the light middleweight (70kg) in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships. The Kazakh female boxer was involved to the national team last year and following her success in Fujairah, UAE she became one of the ASBC Heroes in 2019. Va... More

The Palestinian Boxing Federation decided its short term national plans to keep their boxers, coaches and R&Js active

The Palestinian Boxing Federation has got strong short terms of tactical plans for the upcoming months to stay active their boxers, coaches, officials and Referees & Judges in spite of the current environment. The National Boxing Championships, the courses for coaches and Referees & Judges will be their next ... More

Women’s Empowerment & Building Skills Webinar on September 19,2020

The Asian Boxing Confederation’s next Webinar is Women’s Empowerment & Building Skills, will be held online on September 19th ,2020. All the stakeholders and Asian boxing family members can register to the new educational project to provide motivation for every woman to able to achieve the goals and objectives ... More

ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s 15-year-old Shavkatjon Boltayev who remained unbeaten in 2019

Uzbekistan’s Shavkatjon Boltayev was the main favourite of the 64kg weight class at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships and he accomplished his goals dominating all of his fights. Shavkatjon Boltayev was one of the ASBC Heroes with his gold medal in Kuwait City in 2019. Shavkatjon ... More