Asia’s best R&J in 2017 Mrs. Nelka Shiromala – I never had any expectations to receive any awards

Sri Lanka’s Mrs. Nelka Shiromala was became the Best Asian Referee & Judge during the voting of the Best of the Asians 2017. Mrs. Nelka Shiromala is one of the most successful women Referee & Judge in the Asian continent who is part of the new generation. She worked in several AIBA and ASBC events in the recent one year and increased her experiences in the top competitions. Mrs. Nelka Shiromala replied to ASBC questions about her award, work, successes and the R&J work in generally.
“I just feel honoured to receive this award as I feel that my efforts throughout the year have been appreciated. I would like to thank to the Sri Lankan Boxing Association, ASBC and special thanks to Mr.& Mrs Embuldeniya to reach this award which was a big surprise for me.
I never had any expectations to receive any awards but my main ambition in life was to prove myself is as a top referee. Winning the award means a lot to me as I feel that the ASBC have appreciated my dedication and hard work as a referee and that it’s a pride for Sri Lankan Boxing too.
I have had the opportunity of refereeing many local and international meets during the year 2017 and I feel that the experience I gained from these exposures may have helped me to achieve this prestigious award. I feel that the Asian Referees & Judges have proven themselves to be the best R&Js in the world.
I should say that the success of the Asian Boxing Confederation is the dedication and efforts made by the President Mr. Serik Konakbayev and the Executive Committee of the ASBC. I hope that in 2018 many countries could get affiliated to the ASBC and produce even more good boxers and R&Js in the world.
I would like to underline once again the dedication and the efforts by President of ASBC Mr. Serik Konakbayev and the Executive Committee of the ASBC have brought the Asian Boxing in to the highest position. I wish that the men and women boxers of the Asian countries would perform well during the Tokyo Olympic 2020 Games,”
said Mrs. Nelka Shiromala following her special award.